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Technology is the Future

Dear Democratic Party,

Your conversations are stale. Sorry, but the truth is where I am today as a Democratic voter. As you are aware, the party didn’t reach people you needed to come out and vote during the 2016 primaries.

You can’t ignore the needs of your base. Voters need jobs; they need healthcare; they need a decent education. They can’t get jobs without training in automation — technology is the future. Low-income jobs require technological training even in warehouses. Training is necessary to run robots that could take away some low-income jobs. The unemployed could train as they wait for work. Party leaders did not mention the words automation or technology during the entire 2016 campaign. Matter of fact you didn’t talk to voters in communities. You talked to each other. You talked about Donald Trump. You talked about fundraising: this is what many of us heard in 2016. There was no mention of automation; no plans for communities the American people could understand.

And what happened? The Democrat and Republican leaders listened to Donald Trump. He talked about getting jobs to people displaced by technology. He said jobs being sent overseas will be brought back to America. He talked about reopening the coal mines. He promised low-cost health cover for everybody. He talked to the unemployed, not at them. And they believed Donald Trump and voted for him. They are still waiting for Trump to fulfill his campaign promises. There was no mention of automation from him as well.

This to me was an opening for leaders of the Democratic Party to step in, but they continued to talk about Donald Trump and ride the fundraising trail; and we waited…

I read in Vox, an online news site regarding “Shift Change” that said, “In manufacturing, automation isn’t a far off, futuristic problem — it’s a present reality.”

Now, with the 2018-midterm-elections approaching, what plans do you have for the American people?

Minnie E. Miller

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The Border Wall

“Congress steels for the spending deadline to keep the government operating beyond April, the White House has signaled a risky battle that comes down to the controversial Mexican border wall.

“White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney said Thursday that he plans to do some horse-trading to keep the Democrats happy about perhaps funding a favorite project.

“White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney sees horse-trading ahead on the border wall. Mexico isn’t going to pay for it, despite Donald Trump’s pledge during his campaign, and the astronomical estimates are running as high as $15 billion.

“Mulvaney said the border wall was a top demand in an offer the White House delivered to negotiators Wednesday night. The Trump administration also forwarded a $30 billion request for the military and to grant the administration the power to deny federal grants to sanctuary cities.

“In exchange, the White House may consider insurance subsidies for low-income Americans to keep the Affordable Care Act kicking, Mulvaney said, if the Democrats can swallow the wall.”

Source: Front page of the Huffington Post, Politics. 04.21.2017

Budget Director Mulvaney wants to horse-trade to fund President Trump’s damn wall. OK. How about the President giving up his trips to Mar-a-Lago for two years. He would receive $15 billion from American taxpayers for his wall; nonetheless, we, the taxpayers, would get the short end of the stick.

Minnie E Miller

Writer, Essayist & Humanist

April 21, 2017

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New DNC Chair

Former Obama Labor Secretary Perez Wins DNC Chairmanship Over Rep. Keith Ellison : NPR

“Buttigieg called on the party to “engage a new generation.” He added, “There’s nothing wrong with our bench. We just haven’t called enough people on the bench off the bench and onto the field.”

“He said being chairman “is not just about policy; it is soul craft.”

“Alluding to Trump, he said America has a leader who appeals to darkness. But, he added, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness. We have the opportunity to do the reverse.”” ~~~ Domenico Montanaro,, February 24, 2017


Me:  I was pulling for Ralph Ellison to be chair of the DNC,… but will try to be among the men and women assisting Perez, new chair.

I was so close to looking at the Independent Party, but there wasn’t enough leadership offered — Johnson was piteous.

I’m back on the political track despite previous remarks. But #45 is a bitter pill that will not cure America’s ills. He cares for no one’s interest but his own. He has surrounded himself with billionaires and generals. Billionaires to help the rich get richer; further his personal budinesses; and an army to go after the helpless.

Peace?  We’re gonna have to work for it.

Minnie E Miller, Writer


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States’s Rights

Although this information was published by The New York Times, California Today, February 2, 2017, it can also apply to Chicago, Il.

What about the threat to withhold money from sanctuary cities?
If all of the sudden you allowed a pseudo King George Washington to essentially say, ‘Oh, you don’t want to do what I want you to do? Then I’m going to take your money.’ No. You’re essentially getting to be king one way or the other. And you’d be an intrusive federal government.
And so there are standards by which the federal government can utilize resources — funds which, by the way, have come from the very citizens of the state of California that the federal government may want to deny the funds to.
Is there any impediment to the government deporting California’s unauthorized immigrants?
The Constitution was as much a document to keep the federal government from intruding on what the states wan to do as it was a document to bind them together as a United States of America.
… And so when it comes to public safety, that’s not up to the federal government to tell Los Angeles, Sacramento or the state of California how to go about conducting the enforcement of laws to provide public safety.
… Yeah, they can come in and apprehend people, detain people, deport people, but they’ve got to do it. There is nothing that requires us to do it for them.

Minnie E Miller


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Standing Up To Trump

“Indeed, almost as concerning as Trump’s disregard for the First Amendment is the report in The Hill that plans are being drawn to eliminate the National Endowment for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Humanities. Even with very modest budgets by Washington standards (roughly $147 million annually for each agency), the two provide crucial financial support to authors, small presses, and other organizations involved with the arts. PW is eager to lend its voice to all parties.”


Literary institutions are in danger of losing support to authors, small presses, and other organizations involved with the arts.

It is clear that America is going to be very busy standing up to the Trump White House judging by the chaos created by the travel ban against seven countries with majority Muslims. It is my hope that Americans continue to be vigilant. These are very dangerous times for our democracy.

On another front, President Trump has Chicago in his cross-hairs. He said he’ll send in feds if Chicago doesn’t fix ‘carnage’,  January 24, 2017. Mayor Emanuel mentioned past meetings with Trump and has said he has “been very clear about what we need to do”. He specified areas he’d like the federal government’s help — including gun control, gun tracking, prosecution for gun crimes, and help increasing funding for more police officers.

I should mention here that Mayor Emanuel was President Obama’s first chief of staff. He resigned and returned to Chicago to run for mayor.

My feelings about President Trump’s warnings is I believe him when he makes these well publicized statements before the cameras, and I might add, that they are the very same press he berates on a daily basis.

Pray for Peace.

Minnie E Miller


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To Boycott Or Not

I respectfully disagree with Senator Dick Durbin that we should not boycott the Inauguration. He is my Senator; I live in Illinois.

The facts and actions that has played out during the very disturbing and contentious political events need to be part of American history. To cover up the events that have taken place during the 2016 presidential nomination would be a slap in the face of the constitutional process. IMO, boycotting the inauguration is speaking truth to power.

I respectfully add, “Congress shall make no law … abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, …”

Following are Senator Dick Durbin’s words why he is against boycotting the Inauguration:

“My feelings about the president elect are pretty clear but I think there’s a matter of respect for the office and respect for the constitutional process,” Senate Minority Whip Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) said. “And absent clear and convincing evidence that he did not win that election legitimately, then I’m going to be there.”

January 18, 2017,

Minnie E Miller

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Dear Mr. Trump

Your being elected President of the United States does not grant you free will that can endanger our nation. The White House is the peoples’s house.

There are no kings in America.

You must listen to the people while running the country. The people voted you into office and can vote you out.

There are no kings in America.

You cannot silence the press while *tweeting* your chosen news. I believe that’s what dictators do.

“Congress shall make no law … abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble,…”

There are no kings in America.

You cannot conduct the business of this nation from your personal Ta Mahal-TrumpTower.

There are no kings in America.

You nor Congress cannot ignore the check and balance amendments of the United States Constitution. Ignoring this system will have a chilling effect on the peoples’ business. And I might add, the last four years of the Obama Administration is a blatant example.

“The system of checks and balances is used to keep the government from getting too powerful in one branch. For example, the Executive Branch can veto bills from the Legislative Branch, but the Legislative Branch can override the veto.”
Congress for Kids: [Constitution]: Checks and Balance.

In my opinion the 115th Congress bears close scrutiny. We may be in for yet another *unprecedented* battle.

Minnie E Miller, Writer