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This is about the battle against monopolies, or, in this case, the exclusive control of the literary market. It seems most media are studying the unpredictability of Jeff Bezos of

It’s a given that the man is amazing, but where does that leave the literary market, the writers, and readers. The article referred to here is so far above where we are thinking that we cannot see what is in front of our face. Nevertheless, we must keep reading, wondering, and waiting.

Perhaps it is time us as a literary culture, build another empire. My first thought is go forward with self-publishing, but that is just the beginning. We need to market our work, to be seen, and to be heard.

When we look up a book, or when distributors send out their clients’ books, we all go to Social Networks are too crowded with junk and unrelated subjects resulting in rendering book promotions lost. This being the case, whom do we pitch to in order to get the coverage we need?

I found this article on Publishers Weekly.
Expect the Unexpected from Jeff Bezos
Published: August 17, 2013
New York
The opening sentence to this very long article is … “EARLY employees of Amazon still remember the day the company took away their aspirin.”


Minnie E. Miller
Writer, Essayist & Humanist



Author: Minnie E. Miller

Author and Mz Minerva Publishing--Minnie Estelle Miller founder. I have spent years in politics in Chicago as a 20-something, wide eyed lady. And later in Los Angeles, San Francisco and finally back to Chicago. As a retiree, my days are filled with creative writing and posting on writing groups. I am still working on my memoir, don't go on Facebook or other social media. I truly believe that social media as we know it today is going to implode one day in the future. My WordPress acct. is email is

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