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The Seduction of Mr. Bradley


Assertive. Smooth. Handsome. Comes a graying Sky.

Bill was piloting the plane, losing control, and spiraling downward. A crash was inevitable.

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I still have a few copies left at a reduced price.  Please contact me at my email addresses.

Minnie E Miller


The Seduction of Mr. Bradley

The Seduction of Mr. Bradley


Author: Minnie E. Miller

Author and Mz Minerva Publishing--Minnie Estelle Miller founder. I have spent years in politics in Chicago as a 20-something, wide eyed lady. And later in Los Angeles, San Francisco and finally back to Chicago. As a retiree, my days are filled with creative writing and posting on writing groups. I am still working on my memoir, don't go on Facebook or other social media. I truly believe that social media as we know it today is going to implode one day in the future. My WordPress acct. is email is

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    You can find my email on the blog. Please let me know the cost of the book and what I need to do.



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