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The Media and other Pop-offs

The Media and other “Pop-Offs,” as President Obama calls some individuals who frame their articles and sound bits with metaphors.

The bombing of Paris has added to uninformed comments about the Syrian Refugees on the march to freedom and safety. Neither of the opinionated can declare war. The opinions expressed in the last seven or eight days lets me know that I would not what to see them as President of the United States.

President Obama has maintained a cool head today while fear and anger pervades some Americans and others. I would not want to see our young men and women sent to God knows where to fight alone. There are many allies surrounding Syria and Iraq who should get off the sidelines and join in the battle to defeat ISIS. Make no mistake, ISIS can and will be defeated.

“On the Media,” a PBS talk show, has criticized writers and editors of framing unvetted news stories on the Paris attacks. You might want to check them out. I was looking for a rebuttal on these reports when I heard the show Sunday morning. Go to and listen for yourself.

My memory was taken back to Negro history and the uproar caused when President Abraham Lincoln suggested freeing slaves, and arming them with guns in the fight against the Confederate Army, years 1863-’64. It is my hope that if and when these 10,000 (first number discussed) Syrian Refugees are settled in our country that they receive more respect and assistance resettling than our Negro solders at the end of the Civil War. Many left the military with nowhere to sleep and eat. Many returned to their old plantations and resumed their role as free laborers. Some hid in the woods, and survived on little food smuggled in by other trusted Slaves, and dodged slave-hunters hired by Slavemasters. And those caught and resisted were hung.

Nevertheless, there is doubt that any of the above will happen to the Syrian Refugees allowed to enter the United States of America.


Minnie E Miller

African American Writer