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Essential Education


President Barack Obama is correct in stating that we become advocates for educating our children in computer science. CSE is essential if they are to participate–no, survive–in the future economy of our country. Congress must be made to understand the importance of funding every level of education in the use of computers. Also, it would be to technology’s advantage to get behind the push to arm these young people with the wherewithal to step into the future. Technology is the future and growing more complex every year.

Please, drop a line to your senators and representatives in Congress and start a movement on behalf of the future generation. Take advantage of this election period: candidates are asking for your money and your vote; ask them for their support of our children’s education.

If anyone had told me that I would be fairly computer literate at the age of 79 I would have laughed in their face. Computer knowledge is important to keep up with my Medicare account. Answers to questions that arise each year about my benefits are posted online. I also have an internet portal with my medical group that offers tips and medical breakthrough notices. Checking my health data weekly keeps me on my toes.

Minnie E. Miller, Writer


Author: Minnie E. Miller

Author and Mz Minerva Publishing--Minnie Estelle Miller founder. I have spent years in politics in Chicago as a 20-something, wide eyed lady. And later in Los Angeles, San Francisco and finally back to Chicago. As a retiree, my days are filled with creative writing and posting on writing groups. I am still working on my memoir, don't go on Facebook or other social media. I truly believe that social media as we know it today is going to implode one day in the future. My WordPress acct. is email is

2 thoughts on “Essential Education

  1. Education is important. Imparting practical knowledge is what will prepare our youth to take over the helm of the planet we must all live on. The elders in government forget that if the quality of education isn’t the best, it only stifles all of humanity. How can children run future computers and other technology if they are not properly being taught the intricacies of computer technology, or any other subject for that matter? How can they advance what has already been created if their education is substandard? It’s like having planes but then never teaching our youth how to fly them. Planes might as well not exist. If nothing else, elders in government should think selfishly, meaning, they should think about the longevity of their creations. By doing this, they will effectively teach their children so their creations can become immortal through their children who will then know, through proper education, how to maintain and advance what is currently in place.

    Every aspect of our culture requires children to fully understand the structure and infrastructure.


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