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Presidential Election 2016

This presidential election is different. In my more than 78 years I can’t remember a more toxic atmosphere like this presidential election.  Make no mistake, Donald Trump is causing possible lasting damage to the Grand Old Party (G.O.P.).

“The front-runner for the Republican Party is as much a reflection of the condition as a cause, a reality that Ryan (R-Wis.) touched on only lightly in calling for a more positive and uplifting approach to politics by all sides.”

By Dan Balz, March 26 at 1:54 AM, The Washington Post.

Really,  Speaker Paul Ryan!

Nevertheless, the G.O.P. is not my concern. My loyalty has always been with the Democratic Party; however, they too need to take a look in the mirror. But there is hope.

The Democratic, enthusiastic, young supporters are the ones nearly making up for the foul language and evil spirits coming from the other Party. There are signs coming from these young people that show they are concerned about the future of The United States of America. What’s more I believe they are going to vote their concerns in the upcoming general election. That includes rejecting “politics as usual” offered by both parties.

Minnie E. Miller

Writer & Essayist




It Rankles

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s replacement must be nominated by the President of the United States. It then falls to the United States Senate to confirm that nominee before he or she can take the seat on our nation’s highest court.

President Obama: “The confirmation of a Supreme Court Justice is a solemn responsibility that the President and the Senate share under the U. S. Constitution. It is not a political opportunity that reflects “left” or “right,” Democrat or Republican. It’s a serious obligation to make sure that an indisputably qualified person of integrity is nominated and confirmed to sit on the highest court in the land.”

“The Senate has almost a full year — more than 300 days — to consider and confirm a nominee.”

Bringing Ms. Anita Hill into the Picture

Anita Hill came forward during the nomination hearing giving a stunning testimony on the sexual harassment she experienced while in Clarence Thomas’s employ in the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). During the hearing the so called power structure grilled her to no end.

Ms. Hill published her autobiography,  Speaking Truth to Power, including her role in the Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas’s nconfirmation controversy in 1991. Ms. Hill went on to receive many awards and honors throughout her most prestigious life.

I remember the battle over Judge Clarence Thomas’s hearing well. I was unemployed at the time and watched every day and took handwritten notes. That’s when I decided to become a serious writer. I knew as an autodidact with half an education it would be a long and sober undertaking on my part.

I have been keeping up with President Obama’s new nominee, Merrick Garland, and some members of the Senate as they attempt to stop the hearing, because I am an American.

Minnie E. Miller, Writer