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Presidential Election 2016

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This presidential election is different. In my more than 78 years I can’t remember a more toxic atmosphere like this presidential election.  Make no mistake, Donald Trump is causing possible lasting damage to the Grand Old Party (G.O.P.).

“The front-runner for the Republican Party is as much a reflection of the condition as a cause, a reality that Ryan (R-Wis.) touched on only lightly in calling for a more positive and uplifting approach to politics by all sides.”

By Dan Balz, March 26 at 1:54 AM, The Washington Post.

Really,  Speaker Paul Ryan!

Nevertheless, the G.O.P. is not my concern. My loyalty has always been with the Democratic Party; however, they too need to take a look in the mirror. But there is hope.

The Democratic, enthusiastic, young supporters are the ones nearly making up for the foul language and evil spirits coming from the other Party. There are signs coming from these young people that show they are concerned about the future of The United States of America. What’s more I believe they are going to vote their concerns in the upcoming general election. That includes rejecting “politics as usual” offered by both parties.

Minnie E. Miller

Writer & Essayist



Author: Minnie E. Miller

Author and Mz Minerva Publishing--Minnie Estelle Miller founder. I have spent years in politics in Chicago as a 20-something, wide eyed lady. And later in Los Angeles, San Francisco and finally back to Chicago. As a retiree, my days are filled with creative writing and posting on writing groups. I am still working on my memoir, don't go on Facebook or other social media. I truly believe that social media as we know it today is going to implode one day in the future. My WordPress acct. is email is

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