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The Poor Man’s Harvard

The poor man’s Harvard is failing poor students.

On Friday Michelle Obama will deliver a commencement address at the flagship school of the City University of New York System.

“We have gone backwards,” said Frederick R. Brodzinski, a senior administrator and adjunct Professor in Computer Science who plans to retire in September after 30 years at the University.”

“… governments have been pulling back their support.”

“Dreams Stall as CUNY, New York’s Engine of Mobility, Sputters”┬áBy David W. Chen, The New York Times, May 28, 2016

Mr. Chen’s article is long and thoroughly laid out. It should embarrass the city of New york’s politicians as well as the federal government. It is stated in the article that students come from all the world to study here. You have to wonder what these students are saying when they return to their countries about a nation rich in opportunities, yet pulling back their support of education.

Perhaps this is the reason Mrs. Obama chose this school to deliver her address. Sometimes action speaks louder than words. And we wonder why young people are passionately following Bernie Sanders. They are not looking to the Republican Party or the Democratic Party to support their struggle to obtain an education.

Minnie E. Miller

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Critical Moments

Critical moments happen in life. Some decry our attention. Some resolve themselves. For me, this issue has shaken my analysis. It is freedom of speech–constitutional rights.

My attention was drawn to an article in Flipboard taken from “The Guardian” and written by Julia Carrie Wong (5/6/2016). She wrote: Progressive groups decry Facebook sponsorship of Republican convention.

…. a coalition of organizations urging technology companies and other corporations not to sponsor the party of Trump.

Donald J. Trump has placed us on a precarious crossroad in the social media (one of many public airings) regarding freedom of speech. How do we tolerate his hateful speeches: his bias, his prejudice, his bigotry, his sexism. It seems the only human beings he tolerates are white, American men. The hell with the rest of the world.

Social media is a fairly new way of communicating. It is one in which I think we may have to step back and take a serious look at limiting the kind of talk we have been experiencing. Yes, this treads on the edges of censorship; a scary thought for me as a writer.  Nevertheless, there must be a way to handle this. In my opinion, we are going to hear more about limiting speech on social media.

Do we give Mr. Trump a pass?

Minnie E. Miller