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(((Elizabeth Warren For President)))

Senator Warren came out as a fireball attacking Donald Trump in her joint appearance on CNN’s coverage of Hillary Clinton’s campaign speech Monday. CNN stated, and I paraphrase, that Warren is one of Congress’s most outspoken critics of Wall Street…wonder how Clinton will handle that? I have read that Hillary has received large donations from friends on Wall Street. It appears the two politicians need to sync their public presentations.

Again, rumored by the media that Senator Warren is being considered as a possible running mate for democratic presidential candidate Clinton. IMHO, perhaps Warren should arrange a private, face-to-face, meeting with Vice President Joe Biden; he’s been there, done that. Rest assured, however, Mrs. Clinton will put the Senator through the third degree.


Hillary Clinton is my only choice to fight off Donald Trump. I am not swayed by the feminist opinion that electing Hillary would be a historical moment for women. What I want to hear is that the candidate will balance the needs and desires of corporate America — I’m very clear that the 1% will have their say — and the needs and desires of the common individual; as it’s so famously stated, the American people.

We must block all avenues leading to the White House by Donald Trump and the Republican Party. His proclamations grow more ridiculous every day. Even some members of his own party will not back him. Some have voiced their fears and others will not broach the subject when cornered by the media. White males of any group are the only voters he embraces. That absolutely leaves me out.

Nevertheless, what price victory if Hillary Clinton wins the presidential election.

Minnie E. Miller