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An October Surprise

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The FBI dropped a political bomb Friday regarding emails “…. that appear to be pertinent to our investigation” of Hillary Clinton.

What is clear, however, from this surprise find of emails and the voter suppression in North Carolina, early voting is important. I have already voted.

The following are excerpts from Jason Johnson, political editor at The Root, and professor of Political Science at Morgan State’s School of Global Journalism and Communication.

I neither accept nor reject Professor Johnson’s position. I simply want to report an African American’s point of view.

His excerpts follow below:

“What are the facts and why is this news coming out now? Here’s a quick primer:

“On July 5 this past summer, Comey, a Republican who had been appointed by President Barack Obama as an appeasement measure, held a press conference about the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s emails. The investigation had concluded that Clinton had engaged in no wrongdoing in the treatment, sending of or deletion of her emails. Comey noted that Clinton was careless and should have been more responsible, but said that nothing she did rose to the level of a criminal investigation. This bit of editorializing, not to mention holding a press conference to end an FBI investigation, was extremely inappropriate and, according to Matthew Miller, former director of the Justice Department’s Public Affairs Office, a “gross abuse of his power.”

“Why were we even hearing about Clinton’s emails? Republicans in Congress, desperate to find some smoking gun for the Benghazi, Libya, conspiracy, expanded their investigation into Clinton’s emails. They found nothing. No smoking gun. Not even a half-lit cigarette. Democrats cheered, and Republicans, led by Donald Trump, screamed that the FBI director was in Obama’s pocket.

“On Friday, Comey sent a letter to eight Republican chairs of congressional committees informing them that in the last 24 hours, the FBI had found new emails that “may” be pertinent to the previous Clinton investigation, and that, therefore, he would be looking into them. No timeline for the investigation was given, no explanation of where the emails were from, no context regarding why they were just found. Most importantly, the FBI director told eight members of Congress but did not send a letter, smoke signal, Snapchat or any sort of heads-up to the White House or Obama’s staff.”

“Releasing the specter of a renewed investigation, without any new evidence, and no background context, less than 11 days before a presidential election is clearly a political act and one designed to harm the Democratic nominee. The political, as opposed to justice-driven, nature of this announcement became all the more clear as real journalists investigated this story throughout the day.

“One clear example is that the emails in question are not from any device in the possession of Hillary Clinton. They are emails from a separate investigation into Anthony Weiner, the disgraced former congressman from New York and the former husband of Clinton adviser Huma Abedin.”

There is much more to the article. You can read the balance by going to

Minnie E. Miller



Author: Minnie E. Miller

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