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New DNC Chair

Former Obama Labor Secretary Perez Wins DNC Chairmanship Over Rep. Keith Ellison : NPR

“Buttigieg called on the party to “engage a new generation.” He added, “There’s nothing wrong with our bench. We just haven’t called enough people on the bench off the bench and onto the field.”

“He said being chairman “is not just about policy; it is soul craft.”

“Alluding to Trump, he said America has a leader who appeals to darkness. But, he added, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness. We have the opportunity to do the reverse.”” ~~~ Domenico Montanaro,, February 24, 2017


Me:  I was pulling for Ralph Ellison to be chair of the DNC,… but will try to be among the men and women assisting Perez, new chair.

I was so close to looking at the Independent Party, but there wasn’t enough leadership offered — Johnson was piteous.

I’m back on the political track despite previous remarks. But #45 is a bitter pill that will not cure America’s ills. He cares for no one’s interest but his own. He has surrounded himself with billionaires and generals. Billionaires to help the rich get richer; further his personal budinesses; and an army to go after the helpless.

Peace?  We’re gonna have to work for it.

Minnie E Miller, Writer


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States’s Rights

Although this information was published by The New York Times, California Today, February 2, 2017, it can also apply to Chicago, Il.

What about the threat to withhold money from sanctuary cities?
If all of the sudden you allowed a pseudo King George Washington to essentially say, ‘Oh, you don’t want to do what I want you to do? Then I’m going to take your money.’ No. You’re essentially getting to be king one way or the other. And you’d be an intrusive federal government.
And so there are standards by which the federal government can utilize resources — funds which, by the way, have come from the very citizens of the state of California that the federal government may want to deny the funds to.
Is there any impediment to the government deporting California’s unauthorized immigrants?
The Constitution was as much a document to keep the federal government from intruding on what the states wan to do as it was a document to bind them together as a United States of America.
… And so when it comes to public safety, that’s not up to the federal government to tell Los Angeles, Sacramento or the state of California how to go about conducting the enforcement of laws to provide public safety.
… Yeah, they can come in and apprehend people, detain people, deport people, but they’ve got to do it. There is nothing that requires us to do it for them.

Minnie E Miller